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What elements are necessary to take a plain old party to the next level?

pharmacy viagra france By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 What elements are necessary to take a plain old party to the next level? Sure a good playlist helps. Tasty snacks are a plus; a dance floor wouldn’t hurt. Ever consider adding a photo booth to the mix or even a DIY Photo Booth™? The Never Forget Photo DIY Photo Booth™ is the perfect addition to your house party. More often than not guests leave a celebration with positive memories and some funny stories, but how about a tangible memory? Leaving a party with a fun photo strip is a great way to re live the night over and over.  

follow link In case you didn’t know, the DIY Photo Booth™   is a plug and play desktop version of the other Never Forget Photo, photo booths.  It is a touch computer screen, camera and photo lab quality printer all in one. Simply place it in a spot where your guests will see it, plug it in and get creative. Feeling extra creative? Maybe it’s a special party or a themed occasion, take it to the DIY next level and create your own backdrop to be seen in the photostrips.  

follow url The DIY Photo Booth™ was in attendance for a customer’s final house party as they were selling it and moving on.  They simply found a corner in the main room of the party, put the DIY photo booth™ on a table, plugged it in and said goodbye to their house in style.

go Browse the DIY page here for prices, packages and photos of the booth in action.

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