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The most compact and easy to use photo booth with all the professional photo booth power you expect!

Are you looking for a professional looking photo booth that is easy to setup, take down, run and requires almost no storage space? Do you want a photo booth that will be able to fit in with the most classy of events and the most relaxed parties? Our ultra-compact, all-in-one, plug-and-play photo booth does this and more!  You can quickly and easily offer photo booth rentals and start making more money today!
A Table Top Photo Booth from Never Forget Photo is the smallest and easiest photo booth to set up and use on the market today. Our Table top Photo Booth is the only compact all-in-one unit on the market; no other plug-and-play photo booth of this size features a built-in printer! With everything included in such a small package, transportation and setup is a breeze; meaning you can offer a competitively priced photobooth rental with a very healthy profit margin.

Check out our interview with DJ News at Photo Booth Expo 2017 and how impressed they were!

The Never Forget Photo Table Top Photo Booth features:

  • Compact, attractive and durable enclosure with adjustable tilt mounting feet and convenient carrying handles
  • Small size—only 375mm wide x 480mm long x 360mm tall (14.75” x 18.8” x 14”)
  • Cannon Rebel DSLR Camera
  • Windows tablet pre-loaded with powerful photo booth software
  • DNP or Sinfonia event photo printer—capable of printing 800 photo strips per paper roll
  • Automatic and auxiliary LED lighting systems for superior photo quality in any lighting environment
  • No maintenance required
  • Includes protective cover for transportation
  • 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects
  • See specification sheet for complete product details
We understand the hesitation you may have in getting into the photobooth industry; “Photo booths are big and bulky. How do I transport a photo booth and where would I store it?” “I don’t have time to spend on setting up a complicated photo booth.” “I can’t afford to hire photo booth attendants and still make money”. Never Forget Photo faced those exact same issues as a photo booth rental company and that is why we designed the Table Top Photo Booth; to make the business of renting photo booths easier and most importantly, more profitable!
Whether you just want to do photo booth rentals or you want to add a photobooth service to your existing business, the Never Forget Photo Table Top Photo Booth is the perfect solution for a highly profitable revenue stream. There is no other photo booth on the market which allows you to do so much with so little time, effort and expense.
Your clients will be amazed by how simple, professional and innovative your Table Top Photo Booth is. And your competition will be left wondering how you do it!
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The all–in-one Table Top Photo Booth from Never Forget Photo sells for only $7995 CAD (including the printer!). That’s approximately $5980 USD!

Why we made the most compact photo booth on the market

Never Forget Photo has built and manufactured booths for over 6 years as a rental company. We have manufactured enclosed photo booths, open-air kiosk photo booths and we have now created to the most compact and easy to use photo booth on the market. Regardless what style of photo booth you buy there is a lot of lifting, carrying and slugging. Even with these so called minimal setup there are still boxes to lift on one another, cables to plug in and multiple pieces to haul in and out of the venue.
Never Forget Photo has created a photo booth that you can buy in one compact unit! There are zero cables to plug in, zero bulky and heavy boxes to top on one another and only one small unit that you can transport in any vehicle. With no setup time required and zero maintenance this stress free photo booth adds money to your pocket and lets you stay care free.
We have been a photo booth rental company for years. We know the struggles of setting up and taking down a photo booth. Why buy a photo booth from anyone else who doesn’t understand their clients and in turn sells outdated functioning booths? We have built this booth with you in mind.

Why buy a photo booth from Never Forget Photo?

  • 5 minute setup time

  • Compact all-in-one table top unit (including the printer!)

  • Fits any car. Even a Porsche!

  • No heavy lifting of multiple booth pieces

  • We have been in the rental business for over 5 years. We have thousands of research hours put into a photo booth for you

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In addition to what you get with the All-In-One Photo Booth we also include for your ease of use/life:

  • Transportation and storage cover. This high quality durable fabric ensures that your prised possession stays dirt and scratch free when you are transporting your booth to and from the venue and while in storage in between events

What you can add to your photo booth for even easier ease of use

  • Folding cart for ease of transportation. This industrial high quality and compact cart help you transport your photo booth with ease. Roll into the venue sweat and stress free with the booth. All you need to do is place it on a table plug it in to a power outlet and you are good to go!

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Never Forget Photo, Photo booth: The most compact and easy to use photo booth on the market!