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Enclosed Photo Booth or Open-Air Photo Booth or DIY Photo Booth™? So many options how to choose?

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The 3 photo booth styles Never Forget Photo has to offer are the perfect addition for any party or event. Having 3 different styles of photo booths to choose from can be a difficult task without knowing what the specific differences are between each one.  Below are descriptions of each photo booth Never Forget Photo has available and what you can expect with each one.


go The Enclosed Photo Booth


The enclosed photo booth is a new rendition on the classic photobooth design from decades ago. Guests sit on a bench in front of the camera and are surrounded by 3 walls and a curtain.  This private and intimate setting allows for true personalities to be captured and shared.  The nostalgia of the design appeals to all generations including the ones that remember what the original photo booths look like. The enclosed photo booth comes with unlimited photo booth sessions, choice of colour and or black and white pictures along with props. This booth comes with an attendant who sets up and takes down the booth at the beginning and end of the run time.  The enclosed photo booth needs a space of 10×10 feet and can fit up to 6 people in it at a time.

Nizoral Crema Senza Ricetta Enclosed Photo Booth - Never Forget PhotoThe Open Air Booth


The Open Air Booth functions the same as the enclosed booth and all the amenities are the same but the look is different.  The camera, monitor, lighting and printer housing is in a little kiosk1 foot wide by 3 feet long and 4 feet tall. This kiosk sits a few feet back from the bench and back drop.  Guests at the event have the advantage of seeing everyone interacting with the photo booth while getting their pictures taken. They can stand by and watch while friends and family are having their photos taken. The spaciousness of the open air photo booth is all inclusive and allows for large groups to pose together.  The open air booth requires a floor space of 10×10 feet.


Never Forget Photo OpenAir Photobooth The DIY Photo Booth watch


The DIY Photo Booth™ offers the same experience as the other 2 photo booths in one easy to carry plug and play unit. The DIY Photo Booth™ was designed by Never Forget Photo to be able to offer the same photo booth experience but for smaller event budgets at a $299.99 price point.  This unit is a 24-hour rental that gets picked up and dropped back off to one of our various locations. Its small footprint, fitting on a table or desk, allows for photo booth fun in virtually any room.  The DIY Photo Booth™ is up and running as soon as it’s plugged in and comes with a touch screen monitor, DSLR camera, native lighting and a dye sublimation professional printer with 400 photostrips included.  This booth comes on its own without a bench, backdrop or props.  Get creative and show off your style by creating your own backdrop and props, impressing your guests with the event’s theme. Whether a birthday party or anniversary, the events theme will come to life with each photostrip taken of your guests with the props and backdrop you have created. If you aren’t the creative type talk to us and we can provide you with a backdrop and props no problem.

DIY Photo Booth Setup Never Forget Photo

DSC_0270_cut2We hope this helps you understand the 3 different photo booth types that Never Forget Photo has to offer. If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to let us know.

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