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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a photographer and a photobooth?

Photobooths are there to capture candid photos of each and every one of your guests! This can sometimes be difficult for a photographer, even with multiple shooters. A photobooth also provides added fun and entertainment for your guests. Along with capturing fun memories and providing a great experience, our photobooths print on-the-spot so everyone gets something to take home with them.

Does the cost fluctuate based on the number of people involved?

No! Regardless of how many people you have at your event the pictures are unlimited and the cost will not increase. The high-tech dye-sub printer produces photo-lab quality pictures in less than 15 seconds! The more people you can get in the booth the more pictures you will have at the end of the night.

Why do we require attendants at the event?

The attendants are there to ensure that the best experience is being had by everyone. They make sure that all your guests have the opportunity to jump into the booth and have their photos taken as well as helping your guests put together the perfect Guestbook with Personality for you. And of course they will make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. If you prefer not to have an attendant and want to run the photobooth yourself, visit ourphotobooth packages page and check out the “Just the Booth” package.

Is the booth able to go up and down stairs?

Yes, our booths are 100% portable and can go anywhere needed.

What do I need for the photobooth?

All a Never Forget Photobooth requires is a space approximately 10ft x 10ft and a standard power outlet.

When is the best time to book a photobooth for?

Ideally, you want your photobooth to shut down when your event does. A late start is better than an early finish. People might be disappointed when the booth closes before the end of an event because it is such a great entertainment feature. It is also good to consider whether or not the booth could be a distraction during a meal or speeches at a wedding for example. We can run downtime hours at a reduced rate to help you plan for this.

How long is the set-up and take-down process?

We always arrive at least 1 hour before your booking time, which is plenty of time to get set up and ready for your event. Taking the booth down and moving out takes less than 30 minutes.

Is your photobooth wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our open air booths are easy to pull a wheelchair in front of or beside. Even our enclosed booths are 100% wheelchair accessible too!

How many people can fit in the booth?

Our classic enclosed booths can fit up to 8 people in a single photo session. Our open air booths have no walls and can fit even bigger groups of 12 or more!


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