Guestbooks with Personality

Don’t let your Never Forget Photobooth experience end when your event does.

Our guestbooks are a perfect way to remember everyone who attended your special event.

We create a one of a kind guestbook  on the spot!

For each photobooth session, 2 photostrips are printed. 1 copy the guest takes home and the other is placed into the photo album where your guests can write a personal message. The result is a personalized guestbook with not just signatures, but genuine snapshots of all the people who were a part of your special event… something you will Never Forget.


Our Guestbooks Are:

  • Available in 4 classic colours and 6 contemporary colours
  • Standard 10 double sided sheets (black or white)
  • Premium quality, post bound books
  • Hard cover wrapped in tight woven book cloth
  • Option to expand album to accommodate additional pages

* Subject to availability. Contemporary colours by special order.

Inquire today and add a Guestbook with Personality to ANY photobooth booking!