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Top 3 Wedding Photo Booth Tips

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Dove Acquistare Kamagra In Italia where i can buy clomid Top 3 Wedding Photo Booth Tips buy generic diflucan With wedding season upon us we thought it might be helpful to give our top 3 wedding day photo booth tips. These tips will help you get the most out of your photo booth rental and ensure your guests have a blast with the photo booth on your wedding day.  

  1. Selecting appropriate run times

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Selecting the appropriate run-time to maximize fun for your guests is not as obvious as it seems. Here are a few tips to ensure maximum photo booth fun.


Typically, weddings have a ceremony, a break, cocktail hour before dinner and speeches then a reception to end the event.  In our experience, best results occur when customers book the photo booth for the cocktail hour, followed by some down time for dinner and speeches, then start back up for another hour few hours or until the night ends.


Having the photo booth available during the cocktail hour is a great way to keep guests mingling and entertained as the excitement builds for the evening. More often than not it takes one or two curious couples spilling out of the booth smiling and laughing to get the momentum started and the rest start following.


  1. Where is the best place to have the photo booth set up?


There are a few aspects to consider when deciding where to locate the photo booth for your wedding.  You will get best results when the booth is highly visible and in a location of high traffic.  This spot can be in the main event room near the dance floor, the bar or on the way to the washrooms. If you don’t have space in the main room the hallway is great alternative if guests pass through it to use the washrooms, go outside or for midnight refreshments.


  1. How to best inform your guests of the photo booth?


To provide the best possible photo booth experience for your guests, invite them to try it out when you have their attention.  A great way to let your guests know that the photo booth is open is to have your MC or DJ make an announcement.  When dinner is on and the MC takes over, normally a few house rules or notes are mentioned.  As everyone is seated and listening, it’s a great time to have your MC mention the photobooth, its location and run time hours.  Lastly, it’s helpful to have your DJ or MC mention a last call for the photo booth when there is twenty-thirty minutes remaining in the run time for the evening.  This way any guests who haven’t had a chance to get their photos taken can hop in the booth, and it is a bit of a forewarning to avoid any disappointment for people who want to use the booth one last time.



After choosing the best photo booth company you want to work with for your big day these 3 tips should ensure everyone has a blast with the booth and everything runs successfully for your wedding day. If you have any questions about this blog or are looking for additional photo booth tips let us know either at or give us a call 1-888-501-0199.

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